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Motherhood is hard!


This blog is for my personal sanity. It’s like my high school diary, except I am 33, married and responsible for guiding a few helpless humans through life. Either way, sometimes I need support! 

On this motherhood journey I have somehow mastered the art of being both wounded and warrior. I am both victim and victorious. I created this blog because somewhere buried in my loins I hope I am not alone. I find a small sense of pacification in my selfish belief that somewhere in this massive world, other women share my experiences. 


One day we are invincible. Next we are fragile.

And, that's ok!  

Here is what I’ve learned, Raising a Champion  is as much about the well being of the parent as it is about the children. I would even argue that the heart posture of the caregiver is the most vital component of raising upstanding and prosperous children.

I've decided that I want to be publicly triumphant and openly defeated. I want to experience, survive, thrive and celebrate with women and mothers who look and feel just me.

If we are not well, we become poison. Whether we are blissful or bitter, we are contagious.  We will either leave everything ill and in ruins or we will be the reason our family flowers blossoms beautifully.

Together let's strive for the latter.




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Before I assumed my current role as homemaker and blogger I was a bad b***h in Corporate America (I hated every second of it).

I paid way too much to earn a Bachelors in Communication and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. I worked as an empowerment specialist, which is really just a fancy way of saying I tried really hard to encourage people. People paid me to help coach their lives, speak at their events, and write for them.


I've won some awards over the years and traveled around the globe!

Now my accolades come in the form of macaroni necklaces, hormonal hugs and the always pleasant preteen mood swings.  On the positive side, my husband is tall, fine as hell AND incredibly supportive. Because he trusts me with our kids and believes in me, he pays the bills so I can write in between homeschooling and meal prepping so that's pretty awesome!

Jazz Keyes-Perkins