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I am a mommy blogger who teaches mothers how to take school out of the classroom; Exploring the unknown aspects of the world and the mind

Details Include:  Homeschooling Hacks, Navigating Virtual Schooling, Find Work/Life Balance, Raising Young Entrepreneurs, Virtual Worldschooling Tours, Traveling with Children, Cultural Education and Exposure 

A Day at the Zoo

St. Louis Zoo

Why Field Trips are Essential

PRE-COVID we used the world as our classroom. If you're a homeschool mommy or a virtual school mom that needs help making learning're in the right place. 

Cooking up something in the kitchen
Teaching Hacks

Teaching Outside the Classroom

Turning everything Into a Lesson

Everything can be a school lesson. Education is wherever you are. Let me teach you how to turn something as simple as cooking into a fun lesson for the little ones!

Margarita Flights and Girls Night Out

California Living

Margarita Flights, Moscow Mules and Dance Offs

I'm a full time mommy who will take any opporunity I can to have adult time. Read more about my travel adventures inside the blog! 

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