New Years Resolution to Get More Organized?

Easy to Implement Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." -William Penn.

Hey, there, girlfriend! Before you say anything, I know you read that quote and thought to yourself, "the last thing I need is to read another article about how to use my time. Of course, I would love to be a better steward over my time, but, unfortunately, I'm a mom. I can barely remember to tie my shoes, let alone manage this demanding schedule."

I get that 100%. I have a two-year-old son and let me tell you, there are many times where I'm like, "please, just let me watch a movie. Let me mentally escape and pretend I'm one of those actors who have their life fully intact."

This article is not to criticize, but instead, empower!

This article isn't a "let me beat you down with all the ways you could be doing, blah, blah, blah..." Instead, I hope that you find this helpful.

Furthermore, I desire to provide you with quick, easy-to-implement time management tricks that I have learned over the past two years. I implemented these strategies with a toddler in tow. The best part is that these are practical tools for even the busiest mommy.

While these things worked for me, I encourage you to use what works and adjust if needed.

Please note: managing your time requires constant work. It is a process, and it's important to celebrate your progress, no matter how small it may seem. Remember, be flexible. What worked in one stage of your life might not work in another.

Your Morning Routine

Let's talk about how you start your day. Despite common belief, the most successful mornings begin the night before. If you're anything like me, nothing is more frustrating than trying to get yourself dressed and ready for the day along with a child.

So, my first tip is to choose what you and the kids are wearing the night before. Every Sunday, I take my son's clothes out for the week. Then, I place them in labeled bins every day of the week. I then pick out my clothes and hang them in a dedicated spot in my closet.

If you have school-aged children, I suggest getting book bags, lunch boxes, and other necessities together the evening before. Preparing your child's clothing the evening before may seem small, but this minor adjustment can make a huge difference in managing the hustle and bustle of the morning.

Trust me!

Afternoon Routine

My second time management tip is, consider your afternoon carefully. A well-organized afternoon routine will make for a seamless evening, which will carry over into the next day. For this reason, your afternoon routine is equally as important as the morning routine.

When approaching my afternoon routine, I consider what activities I have, what we're having for dinner, and what last-minute prep I need to do to have a successful morning.

For example, after picking up my son, I empty his bookbag and prepare it for the next day (diapers, wet wipes, extra clothes, etc.). I do it immediately after so that I am not trying to pack in the morning.

Next, I get dinner started and allow my son to play with his "busy bins" ( small Tupperware bins filled with activities he can play with independently). Finally, while he plays with his busy bins in the kitchen, I cook or prepare the crockpot.

Finally, if there are any activities that evening, I make sure that I prepare the bathtime items (pajamas, any night medicine, etc.) before we leave the house. I understand this may seem like a ton to add to an already overwhelming to-do list; however, if this becomes routine, it will make things run smoothly in the morning and evening.

Get a Planner/Organizer Immediately

My final time management tip is to get a planner/organizer. I swear by my planner, so much so that I started a business creating custom-made planners. I started this business to help women/mothers and business owners organize their lives.

I found that women were purchasing the prettiest and newest items on the market with the hopes of getting organized, and then, you guessed it, they never use it.

Here's why:

They purchased the cute planner with the best stickers and fancy pull-out pens but quickly found that the planners were pretty but not practical.

You have to purchase a planner that suits your lifestyle. For example, I create a Mom Plus planner that has a spot for all of mom's activities plus an area where mom can keep track of everyone else's schedule as well. This planner also includes a space for notes, a to-do list, a monthly budget, a grocery list, and so much more. I added these extra features because I recognize that mothers need planners not only to organize their lives but also the lives of their families.

Your planner has to be functional if you genuinely hope to gain some control over your life.

To find a planner that fits your personal needs, consider the following:

  • The size-small isn't always better. You cant to be realistic. Opt for a more oversized planner if you need more area to write out your schedule.

  • The purpose-if you are looking to use your planner for health and wellness reasons, make sure your plan includes an area that you can use to track how many glasses of water you have or a food diary. Don't be afraid to get a specialized planner or more than one if needed.

  • The layout-do you need a monthly layout, weekly, or both?

  • Tabs or no tabs-do you prepare your planner to include tabs or no tabs?

  • Business or not-Would you like the option to have personal and professional information together, or do you prefer them to be separated?

  • Semi-Annual or Annual-do you like to change your planners often? If so, perhaps you should consider a 6-month planner vs. a year-long planner.

If you do not like the idea of carrying an organizer, there are apps designed to do the same thing. However, if you opt to go the digital route and use a planning app, I suggest planning your week every Sunday.

During your planning time, set the environment for productivity. For example, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, whatever helps you ground yourself and get into your flow. You may decide to put on some calming music and light a candle. The tone you set will carry over to your planning session, so keep the energy positive.

As a final note, consider these questions when planning:

What do you need to accomplish this week?

What errands do you have to run?

Do your kids have any upcoming appointments or sporting events?

Do you have any meetings? Parties? Gatherings?

What phone calls or emails do you need to return?

What does dinner look like this week? Do you need to write out your grocery list?

If you need tips for time productivity or help to choose what planner best fits your needs, let's chat. Feel free to email me at,

Head into the new year organized and ready!

Author's Bio

Tasha Cofer resides in the beautiful peach state with her husband of thirteen years and soon-to-be three-year-old son. Cofer takes pride in being a wonderful wife, mother, sister, and friend. She is a creative spirit who enjoys pouring her energy into artistic ventures that help other mothers, business owners, and families systematize their lives. In addition, Cofer is incredibly passionate about planners, lifestyle organization, and creating processes to help others better manage their day-to-day demands. As a contributing writer to Raising A Champion blog, Cofer's desire is to let women know that postpartum depression is not a battle they have to fight alone.

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